1. The Conversation

Our sessions begin with a fun, engaging conversation where I get to know you.
This is the part my clients love the most, and I promise you'll enjoy it too. We'll explore your personality and aspirations to understand the style you want to project.

2. The Mood-Board

we bring your vision to life!
We'll create a mood board that captures your desired aesthetic. This visual tool is not only inspiring but also a practical guide to your style evolution. Together, we'll explore your inspirations and visualize your style goals.

3. Crafting La Lista

We curate a personalized color palette and a list of essential closet basics. Each piece is carefully selected to reflect your personality and complement your body type, ensuring they are easy to mix and match for any occasion. Our goal is for you to feel and look fabulous in every outfit. We're crafting a wardrobe that's uniquely yours, so you can step out with confidence and style, feeling your absolute best.