Hola! I'm Giulia.

I’m a Toronto based stylist and I’m here to make you fall in love with your wardrobe and help you express and discover your personal style. I will be your style coach.

I was born in Venezuela and my entire life I've been obsessed with fashion, always trying to create the coolest outfits with clothes from my wardrobe (or my mom & grandma). Over the years my passion for fashion only became stronger, so I decided to study fashion design and become a professional in this incredible industry.

My first encounter with the fashion world was back in 2011 in the twitter era, where I used to give fashion and styling tips in 140 characters. I'll never forget all the love, trust and support that i received, because it led me to participate in multiple bazars with sold out collections and to design custom-made prom and wedding dresses all over Venezuela. I had the pleasure to work with incredible socialites, business women, beauty pageants like Miss Venezuela, TV personalities, bloggers and more.

Unfortunately, if you know anything about my country, you probably know that for various reasons, life became very difficult; and many of us were forced to leave our home. 

Fast-forward a few years and I found myself in Toronto, Canada, having to start a completely new life. New friends, new challenges, and above all... getting used to Toronto's *lovely* weather (which by the way is MUCH colder than where I come from).

After dealing with several ups and downs, I decided that I needed to go back to what made me happy - and that is working with women. I know how hard life can get, I know all the struggles us women face, I understand a woman's mind, and I'm here to make a revolution *That's why you can find me as @thefashionribelle on Instagram*

All of which has led to this moment and having you read this page. If you've made it this far, thank you! Let's make a difference together.